Sunday, February 5, 2012


There's been some changes in my little desert world-- Doom has got an apartment with a couple other roommates, one of which is my friend's boyfriend! My friend, Chickadee, and I helped with the move, getting stuff in and organized, and making sure they didn't forget anything. It was expensive for 3 guys not even halfway into their 20's, but I'm really proud of Doom and all of them for getting it done. Doom really needed to move out, his family situation had been awful since his parents split up a year ago, and it was time for him to get away and start on his own.
My room and my 2 dogs
I wish I could move out sometimes, but because of my dogs I wouldn't be able to, at least while I'm still in this crowded desert. But, I can't complain, though my house is far from school, I love my room and family. I've already got a plan for my future, I know I'll be moving out hopefully in a few years if I get that highly-anticipated letter of acceptance from a veterinary college, but for now, life is good. I'll miss Doom being close, but we're both used to driving a lot.
So hoorah for progress, and growing up, and, (dare I say it?), being in love!

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  1. EEK why are you making us sound so adult like? Hahaha Dang I didn't see Titus! :P