Monday, February 20, 2012


I had a good weekend, volunteered twice (didn't do much at either of them, but it feels good to volunteer nonetheless, if only to complete some hour requirements), hung out with Doom and my friend Chickadee and her boyfriend (Doom's roommate) and studied for my genetics exam. The apartment is pretty cool, they seem to be taking care of it and they all get along so what else could I ask for? It's fun to feel like adults, as silly as I feel saying it (hey, I've never moved out and I may be naive but I'm not a dweeb!)
I've got a plan formulating in my head about some art for their apartment, but I gotta find the time and canvas and paint for it!
In other news, my birthday is next weekend, we'll see how that goes! Should be interesting due to some undertones of friend-circle-drama, but I think it'll go well.
So here are some recent pictures, cause I hate to leave ya with nothing.
Taken after leaving campus, post-volunteering.

Volunteering with the ponies, always feels good, although I've forced myself to admit that I am allergic to them.

There's a bunny at the horse place, it makes me want one. :<

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  1. Friend-circle-drama? You need to talk to me more! Such a cute wittle bunny! So this is the culprit or your bunny-instead-of-kitty-wantings? You can have both eventually you know! :D