Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inspiration, a fickle beast

Sometimes I feel like I'm just bubbling over with creativity, ideas swim through my head, distracting me from everything else. All I want to do is to grab some paint and GO! In lecture, I'm constantly doodling, wishing for paint instead of pens, canvas instead of lined paper. It's such a downer when I can't actually create something, when life just gets in the way and there's nothing to be done but hope those ideas stay locked up safe, ready to be used when I get my hands on some free time.
But I feel like its even more of a downer when I've got the time, and the desire, but the inspiration is just blocked, dammed up somewhere or just gone altogether. I just started a rather large acrylic painting on canvas, and while it's still too early to judge, I'm scared its going nowhere. I'll just have to challenge myself and take my time with it. It'll be a process as I don't have endless time right now...
Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something to show for it.
Wish me luck!


  1. Ooh I totally know what you mean! I feel so inspired to draw when I can't (most of the week when I'm at work...) and when it gets to my two days off I'm like 'oh' - inspiration lost XD

  2. I hate that feeling! I need to sit down and art something tomorrow.... What a pretty picture! If it makes you feel better even my best paintings I thought completely sucked while I was doing them. I just tell myself I have to finish them as a learning experience no matter how cruddy they'll turn out, and sometimes they turn out great! :D