Friday, November 2, 2012


My boy came home tonight! I'm so happy. His back still looks crusty but its not oozing really anymore so he's allowed to be at home, as long as I restrict his activity. I brought home a big crate for him and he actually doesn't mind it! He'll have to stay there when I can't directly supervise him until his stitches are removed.
Now, I'm tired, and I have a million things to do for school... but I'm relieved just to have my baby back.
Snuggled right in... I thought he would hate it but I guess not!

Even though they have to be separated until Ti is given the "all clear!", I think Feivel's a bit happier now too. <3

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  1. Ugh be careful that kind is difficult to get rust out of, trust me I know! Lol! Glad he's back home! Love Fei's semi fluffy head, you should shave his mouth and neck and leave the rest like that!