Friday, November 9, 2012

Right brain vs. Left brain

For me, its hard to stay focused just on schoolwork during the semester. Other things crop up, work gets in the way, family, and my friends always seem to want to do things when I'm feeling underwater on studying and homework. But there comes a point when I just feel tired! And at that point, I just daydream about all the things I wish I had time for. Movies, books, shows, art(that unfinished painting just drives a stake through my heart every time I look at it and realize that with finals approaching, it won't get finished for a looong time). I wish I had time just to go places. My eyes have grown tired of the same commute every day. I want to immerse myself in something that won't be graded at the end.
I can't keep my mind off of paintings that I want to do, and heck I've even been planning on gutting and re-organizing my room, floor to ceiling. But I don't have the time. I have an exam every week except for the week before finals. I'm hoping hard work pays off.
Next semester should be less stressful. Since I chose to postpone my application for another year, I'm able to take a more agreeable load (I hope!). Looks like I'm taking an animal physiology class (squee!), biochemistry 2, a couple of general classes and online animal nutrition. I almost took a biochem lab on top of that, but I really don't think I can take another semester of this... its awful. I'm considering dropping the pre-professional club I'm in... its too much bullshit and I don't really enjoy it. 
I'm not sure what the point of this post was other than to say I'm feeling restless and trapped. I think I've exercised my left brain too much, my right brain is starting to get jumpy. 
Ah well, I'll be on vacation in about a month! I'm so ready for, trees, snow, the Atlantic ocean... Until then, daydream on.
My grandparents house... Doom and I will be there in December to visit right after this semester ends. <3
Trees, plz! Took this a few years ago the last time I was there. Hopefully it will be snowy when I'm there though. DESERT Y U SO BORING!


  1. Awww I recognized these. That was SO fun. I only wish Balfour could have been there.

  2. Aww hope it all gets less stressful soon for you. I miss seeing your art!

  3. I really wish I had taken animal phys in my pre-reqs!!! That class hates me right now.

    Good luck, and hope things are lookin' up for you! :)