Friday, October 26, 2012


That's right, my baby boy had surgery on his back to remove a cyst. He's had the cyst for awhile, but all of a sudden it got irritated, presumably because it kind of ruptured underneath the skin. I was told he was a whiny baby at the hospital, crying about everything. I already knew he'd be like that, but I love him anyways. I took him in early, took his weight and temperature and held him while they drew blood, and then I left! I picked him up in the evening and listened to him whine the whole way home. Poor baby. I was feeling down the whole day while he was at the hospital, my house just doesn't feel right without him there. Feivel of course was right there with me but still... not the same.

I'm glad the cyst is gone now, though, and hopefully he'll heal up soon and stop being such a whiny baby.


  1. Well you were whiny when you had surgery! Poor baby, that sounds painful.

  2. at least it's where he can't reach the staples so he doesn't have to wear a "cone of shame" like MuTated did, poor Ti Ti.