Friday, October 19, 2012

Halfway through Fall 2012?!?!

I can't believe this semester is just about halfway over already! Time flies, which mean the stress of finals is steadily approaching. I'm hanging in there as far as my classes go, but I really need to remain focused or it can just as easily slip out of my fingers.
Shadowing has been going good, I'm slowly learning more about small-animal-hospital life. I've seen a couple surgeries now, but mostly just routine stuff comes in when I'm there.
I've been thinking more and more about my plans for the future, which includes doing some more research on schools (I envy those pre-med students with the hundreds of school choices...), realizing what I need to do academically to prepare, and scheduling an appointment with my pre-professional adviser to finally hammer out what I really want to do next year (do I want to apply? do I want to wait?)  As far as schools are concerned, I've felt some pressure to look for schools with lower tuition rates, because although I'm naive and don't know much about debt and such, I want to try and be as responsible as possible for me and my boyfriend. Unluckily for me, unless I get accepted into the WICHE program (which will pay for the difference for the out-of-state and in-state tuitions at some of the universities here in the western US) all the schools seem to be really expensive.
Besides all that, I've got a watercolor painting that's been sitting in my room for a couple of weeks, but I don't think I'll have time to complete it for quite a while! Ah, college life. I'm already regretting the time used to write this post, so I'm gonna go study now.

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  1. Stupid finances. Try looking for scholarships and whatnot to help out! Is this your last year before applying to vet school? (unless you take a year off anyways)