Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are all hospitals this crazy?!

Work... what can I say? Things have been ridiculous at the hospital and it is a combination of overworked techs, a new doctor with confidence issues, and general hostility and drama with everyone else. I'm sooo tired of being angry... this is the place I work and shadow at, why is it so unprofessional?! I'll feel better after a few days, but for now, I'm stressed and tired and ready to just go off. There was an emergency today, which isn't a big deal except we all got yelled at for not knowing where things are... like where vials of drugs are and where needles are and where oxygen masks are... Kennel staff aren't trained to know where this stuff is. I got to see this doctor (just graduated) panic because she couldn't handle the situation. When the other doctor came in later though, things got fixed and everything was fine (for the dog). Then on top of this I've got a coworker trying to say that since he's got the most experience, that he's in charge of us. Umm... I've been working here 3 months and I've never heard this.
So, yeah... starting to wonder... are all animal hospitals like this?! 

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  1. Nah just most, as in a lot of professions (from what I'm told anyways lol). The same has been every job I've had except TCBY (which ironically was my first so I didn't know how good I had it). I think the best thing is to learn and note how not to do things, and keep them in mind when you are someday in power.