Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Calm Bit of Thinking

I met with my pre-professional adviser yesterday, he's kind of intimidating since he's very to-the-point, but I'm glad I met with him. Questions have been swirling around my head and I was beginning to doubt too much and to over-think my abilities and my situation. I'm going to shadow a veterinarian next fall and spring, if everything goes well. I'm excited, and nervous, and I hope everything works out. I've heard from a few of my fellow pre-vetters that it can be difficult to find a veterinarian to shadow, and I'm not sure why, I mean every prospective veterinary student has to get experience, and every veterinarian was once in our shoes. I just hope they give me a chance. Next summer I will try and do research, which I'm excited about but also nervous cause that's another thing that is potentially difficult to get into. One of my friends found it easy to get into a lab, and yet another one had quite a difficult time of it!
I was worried about my GPA, and I suppose I still am, but my adviser just told me that it was useless to worry about what was already done. I can still work hard in my current and future classes. I know I'm not completely dead in the water, but to just assume it will be easy is silly to me, so I have to put in my best. Always my best. I know I'll stumble, but I can always say I tried.
I was considering the possibility of taking another year to complete my undergraduate, but it isn't necessary, though its still an option. I need to talk to Doom, and my family, and really consider all the changes that will soon come into my life.
So, I'll soon be wrapping up this spring semester and diving into summer. I'll need to conquer this city and prepare myself and and live and learn and keep moving forward!

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  1. As he said, worrying about the past only distracts you from your future. The hardest thing for me to learn as well, so don't feel bad! Good luck!