Sunday, September 1, 2013

My future: A few ideas

Ah, yes, fall semester. Usually, the start of a semester feels like a fresh start, a new chance, a beginning. This semester feels... different. I don't have many classes with my friends, and Chickadee is starting a nursing program which means I'll hardly see her at all at school. Not only that, but I'm doing lab regularly WITH classes for the first time. Oh, and did I mention I'm psyched out about the fact that this is my senior year? Not that I'm afraid of stretching my wings and learning to be an independent adult or anything (in fact, I long for that!) But now I have to make decisions, and frankly I don't feel well-informed to make them. What decisions, you say? Well... As many of you know, I was a pre-veterinary student since my senior year of high school. In fact, I was pre-veterinary up until this spring, when I realized it just wasn't for me. I thought, 'grad school, surely!' since I do love biology, and that was that. And then recently, with some help from my PI, Dr. Marmotini, I realized just getting a masters degree just because I didn't want a PhD wasn't a plan.
Okay, I'm fairly certain of a few things. I'm pretty sure I don't want a PhD. Not that I hate learning, or school, or things like that, because I love those things, I just also want time with Doom and I feel as if I'm a more hands-on type of person. I guess I'd rather do the work than write the papers, is how I think of it. Also, the amount of time it takes to go down that route (3-7 years to complete your PhD, then more for post doc!) is a bit much for me. I don't want to go to any professional school (like physicians assistant, dentistry, optometry, all that) cause I have little desire to work ON people. So that left me with a few ideas: Biology, Research, Laboratory, Animals... But they were just ideas, I didn't know how to apply them. And frankly, I still don't know my future, or what's the best course of action right now, but I can at least try.
Now I'm looking into Biotechnology Master's Programs, with the knowledge that with a bachelor's degree, I do qualify for laboratory technician jobs.
Despite the uncertainty, I'll try not to freak myself out too bad. I've got Doom. I've got friends. I've got my dreams.
I'm excited to leave the desert for greener pastures (or forests) cause... it'd be nice to move out of my parents house! BAHAHA


  1. i read this yesterday after your comment at my place. i had no advice to give. i can only wish you well. :)

  2. Ah it's terrifying isn't it? I have made the decision that if I don't get into vet school on the first try, I am going to go for something else. What? I have no idea. Most likely I will be in the same boat that you are... As are, unfortunately, many of my friends.

  3. In some ways I'm lucky, in some ways I'm not. All I can say is, MOVE TO OREGON OR WA. :P I miss you!