Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monotony of the desert

I wish my life were more interesting right now. I'm currently supposed to be studying for the GRE that I'm taking on Wednesday (the 14th). Then I have to sign up for the biology GRE (oh joy) and also contact more professors about applying, and then actually start applying! Most of my deadlines are around December/January, so this will be a busy semester trying to do that and study and do research and spend time with my hubby and dogs and I just can't even think about art right now. Which makes me sad, as I really do miss art, especially feeling as if I'm forgetting my art skills the longer I go without using them! ;_; I ventured over to deviant art recently and it made my hands itch just wanting to draw and paint!
I do have some exciting news-- my dad got me a new laptop (my wedding present) which is awesome because my old one is dying. I just have to adjust to Windows 8 now.
I'm dying to get out of the house and do something-- anything! So maybe I'll have pictures or something to share soon, if I do manage to convince Doom to do something with me.
We are both quite busy, however, he's trying to apply for a new job because his current one sucks. Aaaah, life. We're also going back and forth on the pros and cons of moving for grad school; I really reeeeeallly want to leave and just get out of here, sometimes the monotony of the desert drives me insane. He's just overly cautious and thinks we need to stay here. -_-' I guess we'll see in a year what happens, hahahaha.


  1. good luck with new decisions - and windows 8. :)

  2. Remind him that I did it just fine! It's not as hard as it seems in some ways, and harder than it seems in others. But you'll have some one with you so the latter won't be as bad for you guys. :) ESPECIALLY IF YOU MOVE TO OR.