Sunday, January 20, 2013

A euthanasia experience: in a room with the family

I just wanted to update an experience that was quite unexpected! I got to go into a room with the doctor and a family for a euthanasia. The family must've come to terms with the whole ordeal (medium sized dog seemed to be very old and possibly in a lot of pain) so they didn't cry, which is good because if they had cried I certainly would have. It was a smooth process, and I really think its fortunate that we do this for animals, rather than prolonging suffering. This was my 3rd time watching this procedure, so I'm glad I am not as fragile as I sometimes think.
I would write more but I have a cold or something and my nose is runny and my head is stuffy and my nose is burning and and and... yeah. I need to go take some meds...


  1. I think it's really awesome when it is actually humane. Unfortunately shelters unwilling to give up defeatism and owners unwilling to deal with minor issues or behavior problems makes it not always so. Not sure I could be there though. I would most definitely cry.

    1. I agree, one of the techs here used to work at a shelter... they did like 100+ euths a day... really sad. Fortunately, all the ones I've seen here have been very humane because the animals were very sick.