Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another tumultuous bend

As I get older and my life continues on its ever-winding course of rapids and waterfalls, I wonder: is my life getting more stressful or am I just letting myself get hit harder and harder by it? This week has been yet another tumultuous bend- a depressing mix of chaotic hormones, the release of Borderlands II, three volunteer events and 3 looming exams that will land on planet Munster next week.
So, where to start? Hormones. Yes. I have them. I like to think I'm a fairly stable person, but every once in awhile it's like WHAM! and all of a sudden the world is crashing over my head. I feel as if girls are wired together through invisible hormone-amplifiers, cause of course when I'm feeling low, others decide to stoop down with me and next thing you know... well, all I can say really is that someone decided to step all over me this week, leaving me thoroughly upset. I don't know if I'll address the issue, but let's say for now I'm not happy with a certain friend of mine.
Then, the release of Borderlands II. No, I do not play this game. I rarely play games. The issue is that Doom decided to disappear off the face of the planet for 3 days in order to play this game, leading to a massive miscommunication. It did not end well. But things are on the mend(I hope).
Volunteer events were just bleh and were more like the icing on this shit-cake of a week. They stressed me out too because I'm an idiot and scheduled myself for the wrong times. But, I met some cool people I suppose.
Aaaaand I'm gonna wrap this summary up with exams! Yes, 3 of them. All science exams: biochem 1, genetics, and cell phys. With this load, I feel as if it was study week because having so many tests so close together makes it feel like finals! I've got quite the weekend ahead of me.
Hopefully I will have more exciting things to say next week.

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  1. Awww that sucks. I totally feel for you, been having similar issues here. People keep telling me it gets better, and I keep believing. In the mean time it's hard not to get depressed and lose faith in life sometimes. Hope you feel better soon!