Saturday, December 31, 2011


"He felt like he was pondering a million different thoughts as he ran through several samples; air, clothing, water…. The only thing they were missing was the magic. He began to think more and more about it as each sample proved inconclusive, just as Addie had found them to be, and all the lab assistants. He felt a shadow towering in a corner of his mind: the realization that it was no parasite, nor animalcule, nor toxin. Whatever it was didn’t behave like any traditional disease anybody had seen before. He wanted to run to the tall towers of Magic, but he remembered their previous failure in solving this. Clearly, it didn’t behave the way they had predicted either."
I'm just updating about my story that I blogged about awhile ago, and YES, I have actually been continuing it. It's actually really fun to write, not easy, mind you, but fun. So this is Martinus, a scientist type guy. Teehee. I even had to go about painting him! I usually suck at painting/drawing humans but this was a good experience.

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  1. Woooow you're still writing it? Cool! Love the purple maroon background!