Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year that Followed, The Year to Come

I suppose I should dedicate a post to the New Year. Looking back, 2011 was a constant challenge. I never felt like I could breathe except for those blissful two weeks during the summer when I finished summer school and drove with Doom to the midwest to just escape it all. I've learned quite a bit over the past year, about relationships (still not perfect at those but I try!), about my own goals, about school and about my own abilities. Though this year was rough, I feel more prepared for 2012, and all of its challenges. Self motivation is a skill I've been working on this past year, I feel like it will be my ticket to the future. I know its easy to just sit and struggle with yourself about getting stuff done, about studying the right way, about trying something new, and I want to just leap into it, and get everything done.
So for 2012, I must ask myself if I want to make some resolutions. I hate the thought of making them and not following through, how lame is that? However, maybe it will be good for me. I've never tried it before. Well.... self-motivation, let's give it a shot!
  • Losing weight has always been something floating around somewhere in my mind, yet in the midst of exams and pressure and everything else, I manage to push it aside. When it comes down to it, its just gonna be something I just have to bite the bullet on. 
  • On that note... eating healthier in general should definitely be a goal! Doom and I eat out too much... and pay the consequences. It would do our GI systems a big favor if we tried. 
  • My doggies... I studied so much last semester, I neglected them a bit and they got mats in their pads! That's never happened before. And its unacceptable. I need to find time to groom them when they need to be groomed. And play with them more. Cause I love 'em to death. 
  • I've already set this goal for myself, so it's definitely a resolution: I'm going to try to not get behind in my classes. Its the worst feeling ever to feel like you're drowning in exams and quizzes and homework. So to accomplish this, I shall be ULTRA-organized. I'm talkin', write-everything-down, plan-ahead, organized! (my GPA will thank me for this later)
  • Hmm... I know I don't work but I'm a factor in mine and Doom's spending habits, so saving money sounds good, eh? 
  • Seems like a decent list to me so far... So to top it off, I must remember not to forget the little things, like art. It makes me happy.


  1. I love them! You were really 'em-ish in this lol! And don't worry about forgetting art, I won't let you! Lovely picture, is that from our MN trip?