Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thems the facts

I'm sitting here, pouring over Organic chemistry notes and trying to sort this mess out in my head, and I constantly feel like I'm getting nowhere. Organic chemistry is hard. I mean, thems just the facts. The sad thing is that its actually a pretty neat subject. I just struggle with it so much I can't really appreciate fully how cool it is. I mean, making molecules out of other molecules? How neat! If there's one thing I can say that I've learned from college thus far, it's that I will forever appreciate my science classes! They are such a relief... general classes SUCK. Its not that I've got blinders on as far as the importance of other subjects, but they are so frustrating, I thought I left busy-work and group projects behind in high school.
When sitting in a science class, its like I can feel the spirit of discovery. I can see how the material is important, and I have this silly idea that science will save the world. Not specifically the an invention to cure humanity's imperfections, but the spirit of knowledge and the scientific method, an approach to the universe that we must also apply to ourselves. Science may not be perfect, but the fact that it recognizes its own perfections says something to me. Humans are too proud, science has no pride. It has only desire for knowledge; I find this something worth striving for. 

...I want to prove to myself that I can do this, I want to feel comfortable for a semester in my abilities and will power. I just have to keep wanting this, and I'll get there someway, somehow. Organic chemistry can try, but I'll do my damnedest not to let it destroy me.


  1. You'll get there! How come you didn't share your science nerdiness with me in high school? I WAS ALL ALONE. :P

  2. I WISH I had appreciated science more in high school. (maybe I would have tried harder at the fundamentals---math!) But the first couple of years of high school I thought I would be a lawyer or a journalist or something. LOL! So silly... I think it was like... junior year that I realized I want to do something with science. And it wasn't until now that I FULLY appreciated it.