Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Predicament of Pigeons

Doom and I drove to a video game store today, and in the parking lot there was easily fifty pigeons, just chillin' out. Before we went and parked we stopped near the pigeons, just looking at them and talking about how cute they were. They flew over us a couple times and landed again near the same spot, it was really neat.
Then, a little green car drove straight through the pigeons, forcing them to fly away out of the way. Its not like that was the only way to get to any of the stores either, in fact that section of the parking lot was rather out of the way. And they were speeding through. Their intentions were clear: fuck with the pigeons. Doo and I thought they were the biggest scumbags on earth at that moment.
After that, we went into the video game store and started browsing, we kinda forgot about what had happened but then we heard loud shouting. A lady had come into the store and was screaming at some teenagers, "DON'T YOU KNOW ITS ILLEGAL TO CHASE PIGEONS! ITS ILLEGAL TO ALTER THEIR FLIGHT PATH!" I'm paraphrasing-- it was difficult to hear exactly what she was saying because she was screeching at these teenagers. But that was the gist of it. I'm guessing those teenagers are the ones in the green car.
The lady left (after the store employees yelled at her to leave), the kids left and came back, snorting and saying, "FUCK, its just pigeons!"
AND there is the cause for this post. After discussing what we had witnessed, Doo and I realized that the problem with the situation was that the older lady was clearly some kind of crazy activist who just snapped when she saw the kids fucking with the pigeons, and that because of the way she handled the situation (aggressively, loudly, with no attempt at REAL communication) she caused the teenagers to become defensive, which means they are more likely to disregard animals as they had before, if not more, and continue their bird-chasing and other scumbag activities they may participate in. The kids were clearly just losers who disregarded animals in the first place, but now there is a rift in the situation pushing both sides to either extreme, and the situation remains unresolved.


  1. Poor pigeons, why do so many people hate them? Other then their poop, but where else are they supposed to go??

  2. Seriously! Pigeons are so cute! I mean, we could have a flock of locusts or a herd of scorpions hanging out on our campuses and parking lots instead.