Sunday, November 20, 2011

The beginning of something that I hope will become... something.

I started writing a story a little while ago, this time I developed the idea a little differently. At first I started writing about a dream I had, then I tried to morph that into a story but it became difficult. Then I wrote a back story, which I then thought fit into a different story, so I outlined the new story and started writing. I've tried to write stories before and get bored/frustrated, partially because I'm too much of a perfectionist when I write. My friend and creative ally, Blogadog, can attest to this! >~<
This time around, I'm recognizing my own perfectionism and trying to plow forward, while also trying to use my intuition to pick out helpful critique from my hyper critical mind. Doom isn't much helpful in this process, I can't tell if he thinks my story is too weird or just too undeveloped to judge. I'll feel better about it once it picks up some momentum, right now I'm just starting to write it. Writing, along with doodling/drawing helps me release some built up brain tension! This semester might just kill me, but atleast I'll leave behind some interesting shit to read and look at! Har har har.

"The old woman’s eyes swept slowly across the landscape outside of the round windows, the sky was black except for when an arm of lightning would reach down from the sky, quicker than a hawk’s talon. She closed her eyes and tried to feel the magic, but it wasn’t like when she was a girl. In those days, magic seemed to pour right out of the land, like snow falling in reverse."

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  1. LOL Oh YEAH! You have no idea how disappointed I was when I didn't get an ending to the last two stories. :) If it makes you feel better I'm in the same ugly little stuck place in beginning my new book. Hate the beginning a book/story thing. So difficult. :)