Sunday, October 6, 2013


Its strange to think that I have in-laws now, and that I share a name with them. Strange, strange indeed. I don't have much in common with them, especially since its football season and I'm odd man out when it comes to that. But, hey, I suppose I'll learn to love most of them.
Doom and I went and visited his father and his father's girlfriend/domestic partner/notsurewhattocallher. Amidst the screaming at the television, I downed a giant pumpkin cider thing and ate chips and fell asleep and played a plague game on Doom's phone. Exciting, isn't it?
I wish I got sports, but I've never been a sports person. I enjoy playing sports on occasion, like playing catch with Doom, or playing horse, but yeah. My family just doesn't watch sports.
Hopefully Doom doesn't find me boring for that.

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  1. I hate sports. Lol BORING. And that is really weird you having inlaws.