Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fishes and jellies and crocs, oh dear!

My summer scholarship program gave us a free field trip to see an aquarium here in town, yaaay! Even though I'd seen it before I still had a great time. 
I touched one of the stingrays! Yay I'm slowly conquering that fear. Haha

Omg look at that sea turtle skull! Its huuge! Almost as big as MY head!!! 
Omgomg axolotl!! They're SO FREAKIN COOL. And they regenerate like EVERYTHING. So boss. 
Lookit that adorable tush :3
My faves were definitely the golden croc and the axolotl. I dunno why, crocs are just so cool! They're huge!
Sorry for my crappy iphone pics... I need a nee phone and a new laptop -_-' 

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