Thursday, September 22, 2011

Landslide [optimism on drowning in science]

Organic molecules swirl through my mind, random facts about bacteria haunt me and the seemingly unconquerable wall of the french language barrier looms before me.
I've been afraid of changing...
Throughout this, I can't help but love being immersed in this stuff. Its not what I've dreamed of, simply because of the fact that there was no way I could see this coming.
... cause I've built my life around you.
I cannot join those who hate all the tedious difficult classes they must trudge through to be a doctor. I want to enjoy these classes, there's more to the world than a doctorate. Life is before you. Open  your eyes.
But time makes you bolder...
There are tiny  tiny little beating cilia and an alien organic world just beneath our noses. Beautiful resonance, blending of 2 souls, elegant ring flips and functional groups like little badges on molecules. Life overflowing in a petri dish, little miracles swimming in growth medium.
...even children get older. I'm getting older too.
So, despite my naturally begrudging nature and crumply complaints and whining sighs, know that I'm doing what I want. Despite everything, I'm bubbling like an overflowing beaker with enthusiasm.
I took my love, I took it down. I climbed a mountain, I turned around.
Science opened my eyes. Undergraduate, here I am.

[lyrics from the song I linked above ^^. It is beautiful, listen to it, I like his voice. Also: this is just something for me to throw my thoughts down, as I'm having a hard time organizing them in my head.]

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  1. Okay you know I'm a total science nerd... But nose germs? That's one thing I don't find beautiful. :P I know, I don't typically hate my classes either, why would be in college if you hate learning? o.0