Friday, September 30, 2011

Enlightenment in the Dark

Late one night(I'm talking 2 AM), during a rather intense study session, my boyfriend and I took a food break and then turned on the science channel. A space show was on. We love space shows. Then we started thinking about the world, space, and then the universe. It hit me that you can't just google the cause of everything, not just life, but beyond everything. "What created the universe?" we thought. Or rather, "What caused everything to exist? If something created it, what created that thing?" We thought so hard, I felt like my brain couldn't handle it. The knowledge of how small we are hit us pretty hard. But that just means that there are bigger things out there. And personally, I'd rather be in an open system with infinite possibility than in a closed one, like a fish in a bowl.
How beautiful, it is.

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  1. AWWWW it's a pretty fluffy Fei! I'm still waiting for the aliens to come rescue me. :D